Saturday, May 3, 2008

Daily Troubles of the Mind

Fill open business opportunities? Or power my hobbies? What should I decide? My hobbies are fun. They bring me happiness and relaxtion. But, as I have said before, making money is one of my hobbies. I've noticed we tend to think that hobbies are fun and business is work. The business opportunities I have encountered lately have brought me stress. Stress because I feel that I must decide whether or not to follow up as soon as possible. I could either refuse or accept. Accepting means I must work or else I'd lose the money on my down payment. If I refuse, well it is obvious that I would profit nothing at all. I was offered an offer today that sent my mind into a wreck, especially because I was on vacation. *Sigh* I don't know. The numbers aren't adding up right. I usually get a huge rush of excitement when I feel or can see that the outlook is good. But today, I feel nothing. I could be the grey skies I can see drifting outside my hotel window. It feels like I am years burried in debt and shouldn't even consider starting a business. It feels like I put all my money on 8 Belles at the Kentucky Derby and watched the poor horse drop in front of me. I really just want to rewind time and bet all my savings on game 7 of the Hawk's and Celtic's NBA playoffs. I feel upset in more ways than one.


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