Monday, May 19, 2008

I'm Not Dead!

"'MenTaL~ where have you been??" "Is the Journey over?!" Heck no. It is just getting started! Lately I've been investing my time into Grand Theft Auto IV, Lol. Besides that, I haven't been posting lately because I was highly pissed off at one of Jeff's posts. The one that was incredibly long about family and all that. I felt that I was incorrectly analyzed! It instantly gave me that: "That's not me at all!" feeling. And after decoding the post, and deciphering the challenge given, I was highly insulted! R.I.P Journey of Moguls!? I'm sure I was laughing just as much as you were when you posted this. I maybe wrong, but to me that seems to be a direct challenege to get back on my blog and post like crazy to prove that Journey of Moguls was not dead. Most normal people would have done just that, but I don't like the idea of someone strapping cheese over my head to run for it. So I took the opportunity to close the blog. I got time to do a lot more stuff. Hmmm.. I'm thinking Jeff tried to set me up with the notion that it was for my own good. If that be true, NEVER do anything like that again, Jeff, for my own benefit.


Jeff said...

Duly noted. And welcome back =)

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