Monday, June 30, 2008

A Real Vacation

Every year I go on vacation. Most Americans do too. Last year I traveled to New York, Connecticut, and Virginia. That may not seem like much, but any where North outside of the South is a vacation to me. All last week, I was with my God sisters and brothers at a Young Life camp in Jonesboro, Georgia. Jonesboro is a small town in the mountains of Georgia about an hour outside of Atlanta.

For a whole week, I experienced the most serene hours of my life. I can recall sitting on the front porch of the cabin in a rocking chair. In front of me was a view that no camera could capture. I remember how the morning dew nesting on the green mountains could settle my mind almost into slumber.. I FELT PEACE! My mind was QUIET! I didn't think about stress, family problems, or the business. Nope! In fact, those thoughts didn't even come up!

I can't explain those mornings in the mornings, but I do know past noon when everyone was up and alive, the days got even better. By noon, I had the opportunity of networking with over 500 other people. It was a lot of fun. A Real Vacation.


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