Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Young Life Camp

I found Jesus! Yeah! It's about time, and I wish I found Him sooner. Young Life is designed to present and teach the youth about Jesus Christ. I didn't have to sit in a boring church for hours or decipher the scriptures. There was none of that. There was real people who could relate to me with real problems.

The camp was fun in a lot of other dimensions as well. We climbed a mountain, participated in basketball tournaments throughout the day, we did a huge obstacle course in the woods, and had one of the largest pillow fights in history! We did a lot more things as well, like riding down the side of a mountain on a mountain bike at +40 mph.

I highly recommend any and everyone to attend a Young Life Camp at least once in their life time. The camp leaders told me when I first arrived, this week at camp would be the best week of my life. ..If you could take the most fun moment of your life and multiply it by 10, you'd have the equivalent of being at a Young Life Camp for 2 seconds.


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