Thursday, July 31, 2008

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SEO is an on-growing chapter in the bible of marketing. There are always new things to learn about SEO because the Internet is always growing. Successful webmasters crawl the web searching for fresh weapons to add their marketing arsenal. Only new and original SEO techniques will keep you ahead of your website's competition. That fact seems obvious, right? But, most bloggers don't know this. In fact, I can remember those days, the days in which I hunted SEO blogs for new ways to market Journey of Moguls. Thru the hundreds of posts (that were clearly similar) I may have learned one or two unique things that really broke this web blog away from the rest of the pack. Well, that was a long time ago, I can assure you that that day is over.

Myself along the Success4uTeam met a few SEO specialist along the way. Together, we worked day and night - to bring up what will soon be the best, informative SEO Forum to date.

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Gary Graefen said...

Having a really hard time finding just a search enigine for web masters.?

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