Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A Blessing In Disguise

Okay, after a long-little break, I finally have gotten power restored to my house. Last Friday, we had a severe storm come thru. A lot of houses in my neighborhood suffered wind damage, and few even had trees collapse upon their house. It was a very unfortunate event. Friday was also my high school’s Prom. Man, I swear, it was the best day this year! A couple friends and I rented a limo and cruised around the parts of town that had power before going to Prom. We came in and killed it! We smashed the dance floor, lifting girls out of their heels. The spirit was so lively! A perfect contrast to the moody weather..
And to the real issue.. I’ve been offline for a while, but since then.. I’ve added Google’s Adsense to the blog, and have read about affiliate advertising. So far we have made an outstanding $0.43! Shave it off 1 Million. God, Bless Business.


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