Saturday, April 19, 2008

My First Job

Around January I got my first job. When I was hired on the spot, I could say that it was one of the happiest moments of my life. I was working at Newk's Express Café. But by my first paycheck, I realized that working part time jobs in resturants wasn't going to take me where I wanted to be. For all the hard work that the employees were putting in for only $7/hour was the biggest slap in the face I'd ever seen. Each week my 5 managers found new ways to tease, put down, or anger their lowly valued employees. I believe they do it out of boredom. But there is almost no telling. I've experienced a mixed group of female and male managers bring personal problems to work, intentionally annoy teenagers, and force people to stay two hours over their shift only to be offered a stale kid's grilled cheese sandwich that was made four hours ago and never picked up by the person who called it in. If you ever visit, don't let their professional appearance fool you. If you stay around long enough you'll see the high energy mood swings too. In our usual one-hour Sunday rush, I've seen an adult woman scream at the top of her lungs, "I can't take this anymore!" Then run to her office locking the door behind her to leave a short handed group of newly hired teenagers to watch over and feed lines of hungry customers. My apologies for my rant. Newk's is a wonderful place to eat. I hate being ridiculed on the rank I hold by managers. Sometimes they're cool, but I'm sure there was no point in making me clean the windows and doors of the stored that neighbor Newk's. But other than that, I highly suggest you go and expierience the mouth watering sandwiches, soups and salads. Also try our signature pizzas, like the mouth burning spicy shrimp pizza. It's not a bad resturant it is just crawling with decietful, untrustworthy people behind the counter. Also, let us take a moment to acknowledge the absence of one of the members in my master mind team who was unjustly fired from Newk's and will be out of commission for a while.

At 16, I join millions of Americans.

I hate my job.


bureX said...

Working in a restaurant/cafe doesn't require plenty of skills, but it does require a massive amount of patience. The managers who work there usually realize that their job is limited to nothing more than managing the workflow of young teenagers, so they do their best to give them a really hard time before the teens move on to a better job.
Like you said, personal problems are brought to work, and since they are the managers, there is no one who can give them a warning regarding that filthy practice. (who's gonna listen to a teenager, right?)

Anonymous said...

I'm curious to know which location you're employed at. I work as a General Manager for the Newk's franchises in Birmingham, Al. I've opened 2 stores with this franchise group, and I can tell you our management is very different than that which you have experienced. Our stores employ a number of teenagers, all who claim to love working there, and are always referring their friends to come work there. In fact, we rely a great deal on their referrals to keep the stores staffed. I'm sorry to read of your experience with the location you work at, but I would like you to know that with franchised companies, every franchise group operates differently as to their management. Some are better than others. I also appreciate your kind words about the product, in spite of your work experiences. Objectivity is a quality you seem to display, and that will help you a great deal in your future job endeavors, one's which I'm sure you will find much more fulfilling than your current. In closing, I apologize on behalf of the company as a whole for what you've experienced, and would like to know more about these experiences. This is not the work environment the company as a whole wishes to produce. Please respond with any further thoughts you have on this matter.

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