Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happy Birthday!

In three days, I've discovered something about myself. I am emotional. Yes, that's right. And so are you. I found myself being very irrational on several occasions (including my fret over relationships at work) over the past weekend. I found that emotions sometime over power logic. At one moment, I was so caught up in the present, that I did not think about how the words I was saying would be remembered in the future. Now of course, I can see all kinds of crap down the road. So if you're reading this.. I'm sorry.

In other news, my birthday was yesterday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Thank you for all the gifts I wish I would have received. As someone told me, "I couldn't get you anything because, well, it's just too close to Christmas." That was hilarious. I'm 17 and ready to venture into the darkness of R-Rated movies, Mwahahaa!

My Birthday Cake! Don't print it out unless you absolutely need to! Save a tree for Arbor Day!
M3: Make Major Moves.


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